Chuli Puja - ଚୁଲୀ ପୂଜା or Andharia Parbha

Chuli Puja - ଚୁଲୀ ପୂଜା or Andharia Parbha

Chuli Puja (Odia: ଚୁଲି ପୂଜା) is a traditional Odia festival celebrated in some parts of Odisha. Chuli Puja is also called Andharia Parbha in some regions of Odisha.

On Chuli Pooja people use to worship the oven at home. People of Odisha previously using the mud oven, but later the oven changed to the portable stove, gas oven, movable oven, etc. But still, people worshiping the oven on this day.

Chuli Puja in Bhadrak
Photo: Seema Das

This festival, Chuli Pooja is celebrated on Sunian (Odia: ସୁନିଆଁ). Sunian is the 1st day of the Odia calendar according to Puri Gajapati Maharaja.

Though we celebrate Odia new year on Pana Sankranti, but the king of Puri celebrates from Sunian. This day is also known as Bamana Janma.

Chuli Puja - ଚୁଲୀ ପୂଜା - Indian Festival

On Bhadrav Shukla Ekadasi (the 11th day of the light fortnight of the 5th month of the Odia calendar) people use to worship the oven inside the kitchen.

Procedures of Chuli Puja:

  • The elder woman in the family usually does this puja.
  • After cleaning the Chuli (oven) people use to worship with different types of flowers like lily, cucumber, and the creeper of the gourd.
  • On this day, people don't cook in that oven. But some people do worship after cooking.
  • On the next day, all flowers should through to a pond or to the river nearby.
Chuli Puja in Bhubaneswar

Gopal Chandra Praharaj sir had also mentioned about Chuli Puja on Purna Chandra Odisha Bhashakosha.

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