A Collection from Tribal Festival

There is not one world, there are lots of universes too and yes who knows there are some planets like us, where life exists. They might have same beliefs or might be a little bit believe on God like us. People have there own choice to select their God too. 

Yes, we do pray to different Gods according to our beliefs and also by our religion, but the main thing is believing. This "Believing" thing has that one great power, from where almost all got strength. Yes, the power source also varies according to believe.

Here is a series of photographs taken by Dr. Biswa Kar from a Tribal festival, where some idols of their God placed with their significance. 

  • All these photos are taken by Dr. Kar and published here with his permission. If you wish to share these photos, then please contact him as all rights are reserved to him. 
  • Yes, we had posted these just to show and we don't have much knowledge about God or the belief of people, we just had shared our views above. 

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