27 Jan 2019

Taro Fry with Mustard Masala (ଶଙ୍ଖସାରୁ ଚେକିଚେକି ସୋରିଷଦିଆ ଭାଜି)

Every people* love to eat good foods, that's why we used to go to different restaurants, hotels, trying some new dishes at home or at a hotel. 

But, what interesting is, we* couldn't forget our homemade food items made by our own people.  Because we could prepare this in our own risk in our own taste. 

Here is one homemade food dish made from "Taro" fried with Mustard Masala. This dish is shared by Dr. Biswaranjan Kar from their kitchen prepared by Rashmi Mam.

How to Prepare this???
  • The preparation technique is very easy.

Step- 1:
  • Take raw Taro.

Step- 2:
  • Pill it properly.
  • Cut them like this below. 
  • Also, you could cut them as you wish.

Step- 3:
  • What you are waiting for?
  • Just prepare the Mustard Masala and fry the cutted taro with it.

Still waiting??? No, just finish the fry work and it's hot. Quickly serve it before it would cool down. 
  • Are you going to try this?
  • Have you already tried this?
    • Then put your views, comments or compliments below on the comment box. 

*: Some are fitness freak

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