2018 Diwali: Fun, Food, Family time...

A Diwali started from lots of preparation and this some hours of celebration remembers up to next year and some up to some more years. 

From cleaning our home to preparing food, sweets for the Diwali evening.

All the shops in the city were decorated with lights and most of them are giving some bumper offer, prizes, etc. 

Now-a-days, Diwali without firecrackers, candles, Diyas is next to impossible. 

Now, most of the people love to make noise, so these are the bombs which create huge noise. 

Diwali is the festival of lights, so people now using different types of lights to decorate their house, gate, etc. 

Also, Diwali is to spread happiness and share sweet with friends and family. So, shopkeepers were ready with various types of sweets. 

Decorating house is a part of Diwali, so people are making Rangoli in the front gates. When I was a kid, I hadn't seen anything like this, but I saw about this tradition on a TV interview. So, we made one. These are the snaps during preparation.

In the evening, we had decorated our home too with candles and lighting Diyas. 

I don't prefer to make a huge noise, but we contribute to air pollution, by lighting a few things.

How our Diwali could be a good one without foods and when you are at home without cooking. We always love to eat and also love to share. And here is my decorated food plate.

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