3 Jun 2018

Sunday Lunch shared by Subhasri, Bhaskar & Swagatika

Sundays are meant for lavish and hearty meals❤️... Lavish doesn’t mean royalty for us, it’s simplicity 😍. So, we have chosen three lunch snaps from different users from different places.

The 1st featured lunch is from Dubai by Subhasri
Couldn’t have had better awesome homemade soul food than this 😍.
Hot steam rice with delicious Kerala style egg curry in thin coconut milk with all-time favorite Odia’s Dahi baigan 🍆. When southern meets eastern 🤗

The 2nd lunch snap shared by Bhaskar Raha who don't have any vacations but reduced class time allowed him to have lunch at home!
Here lunch menu ~ Rice, Daal, Parwal & bhindi bhaji, dahi & double kesar egg curry. 😋 It's hard to find double kesar wale eggs but u can ask your nearest broilers if they have some in stock. Same taste but double Satisfaction ❤️

And the 3rd Sunday lunch sorted by Swagatika Behera
Rice, dal fry, bhindi fry and chili paneer.❤ Is this look like Eiffel Tower to you too?
If yes, then do comment.


  1. Oho ki mast dusuchi kahibaku icha hauni

    1. Hahahaha.. Seithipain ta tu ete bhala kariparunu. nahele upas rahiki marijibu..


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