Different Types of Almonds

Everything has various categories. From human to flower, everyone is divided according to their structure, species etc. And some similar kind of things also belongs to some special kind of groups. Here some photos of Almonds are given by Dr. Biswaranjan Kar with their name.

1. Raw walnuts (ଅଖରୋଟ)
2.  Raw almonds (ବାଦାମ କିମ୍ବା ପିସ୍ତା ନାମରେ ବଜାରରେ ଖ୍ୟାତ)
3. Roasted pistachios (ପିସ୍ତା)
4. Roasted cashews (କାଜୁ)

* All these photos are taken by Dr. Biswaranjan Kar and all the information provided by him.

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