Summer In Odisha

We enjoy all kind of seasons. All seasons have some beautiful experiences and we love to gain every experiences. Summer brings some beautiful foods for us, school holidays, exam results etc. And it brings the rainy season to the earth which help for cultivations. Some of our friends planned to trend #SummerInOdisha in twitter with some of their experiences, food available in summers, festivals in summer. We took those photos and place here.

Captured by: Dr Biswa Kar
Captured by: Baiya Reporter
Captured by: DumbOrator
Captured by: Nidhi Aja
Captured by: Odia Khati
Captured by: Kumar Nihar
Captured by: Jyotsna
Captured by: Jayadev Mohapatra and shared by Kumarika Mohanty
Captured by: Nidhi Aja
Captured by: Baiya Reporter
Captured by: Sharan Mishra

Captured by: Nidhi Aja

* Disclaimer: All these photos are taken from the tweets from the respective handles. All the photo credits go to the original photographer.

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