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26 Jan 2020

The winter has it's own charm. We love the winter for various reasons. We love the chilled weather, we love every drops on grass, flowers, leaves. We love the walk on a foggy morning, we love to catch the hands of our loved ones while walking in a winter evening.

Apart from all these things, we love the winter flowers. And here we are with some beautiful flowers from our friend Smruti Subhra.

* Follow her on Twitter at @SmrutiSubhra

21 Nov 2019

After the Ratha Jatra, Jagadhatri Mela is the biggest festival of Baripada, Mayurbhanj in the state of Odisha, India. It is the festival of Maa Jagadhatri, where Jagadhatri means the Goddess of the whole World.

This festival is called as the Mini Bali Jatra after Cuttack's BaliJatra. Both these festivals are celebrated during Ras Purnima or Kartika Purnima.

It's a 7 to 10 days mela or carnival, celebrated in the month of Kartika according to the Odia calendar and in the month of October - November according to the Georgian Calendar. 

The Jagadhatri mela takes place at the Jagadhatri Mela Padia, Bhanjpur near Bhanjpur Railway Station during the month of October–November. The celebration for this mela started from Gosthastami. The Bhanjpur Jagadhatri mela is famous for its unique and attractive decorations.

This mela is also referred to as another Durga Puja in Baripada as it also starts on Asthami tithi and ends on the Dashami tithi. The date of the puja is decided by the luni-solar Hindu calendar.

The history said that, the Jagatdhatri Puja was first started by Maharaja Krishnachandra of Krishnanagar, Nadia in Bengal. That's why Jagatdhatri Puja is very popular in Krishnanagar and near by places like Tehatta, Rishra, Chandannagar, Bhadreswar, Hooghly, Boinchi, Ashoknagar-Kalyangarh.

This year in 2019, one of our friends Biswa had clicked some beautiful and attractive photographs of Jagadhatri Mela, Baripada and here we have attached all these photographs taken from him with proper permission and rights.

The mela doesn't mean for the idols, the decorations, it also includes the people, small to big shops, cultural festivals, etc. So, here are some snaps of the Minabazar.

From those days to these days, food had taken the first priority always and most of the people come to the carnival to eat different kinds of street food, so some good food stalls also started their business here. And here are a few clicks of the food stalls and plates.

Apart from all these things, which I have noticed that almost all the Indians love to eat paan and now-a-days, the paan shops or betel shops are coming with some varieties of paan like Mitha Paan, Fire Paan, etc. So, here is the click of the Mitha Paan Shop.

* All these photographs are taken by Biswa and published here with his permission.
* All the photo rights are reserved to the original photographer. So, before reposting, take his permission.
* Most of the contents about the Jagadhatri Puja and the Jagadhatri Mela are based on Wikipedia articles.

19 Nov 2019

The design of houses always attracts people. Each and every person have their dream to make their dream house and all do accordingly. Some people build the house with lots of money and some with huge decorative things. But everybody is creating their house as per their dream.

Apart from all the house designs, some colorful designs of Tribal houses always attract more people. In some places, tourists come to visit their village just because of these attractive houses.

Tribal house is a subgenre of house music that combines traditional house music with world music. It is similar in structure to the deep house but provides elements of ethnic or indigenous musical percussions (typically conga drums or its synthesized derivative).

Apart from the traditional Adivasi house, now they are decorating the whole house in a different way which attracts more people. That typical and unique color of walls, the designed decorations with a neat and clean environment gives positive vibes.

Not only the walls but the whole design of the houses are also different and they make these houses in such a way that the overall look of the house appears like the most attractive place.

* All these images are taken by Sudarsan Swain sir and published here with his permission.

26 Aug 2019

In India, almost all people love to eat sweets. Now due to the diet and to avoid some dangerous diseases people are afraid of eating sweets but inside their mind? Are they really saying NO to the sweets? Aren't they wishing to have some sweets?

Leave about them, just focus on the sweet only. Here we are presenting the delicious sweets which you may find in almost every sweet stall. We have selected the two sweets Jilapi and Malpua, which is available from the sweets stalls to the big sweet stalls. Even star hotels are serving Jalebi and Malpua as the dessert. So, let's discuss about these three.


Malpua is small sweet pancakes traditionally made during festivals like Holi, Diwali, and Navratri in different places of India, but in Odisha, it's prepared almost every day in the sweet shops. These are served with rabdi. But you could eat how you love to eat them.


Chhenapoda is a cheese dessert from Odisha, India. Chhena Poda is made of well-kneaded homemade fresh cheese chhena, sugar is baked for several hours until it browns. Chhena Poda is the only well known Indian dessert whose flavor is predominantly derived from the caramelization of sugar.

Demand and sale of Chhenapoda is huge in Odisha with every sweet shop preparing its own flavor either from sugar or gud (jaggery). Its shape of a cake often attracts a huge number of visitors to grab and have a bite. Apart from Odisha, it's available other states of the country.


Jalebi or Jilapi in Odia is a sweet and popular food found all over South Asia and the Middle East. It is made by deep-frying maida flour (plain flour or all-purpose flour) batter in pretzel or circular shapes, which are then soaked in sugar syrup. They are particularly popular in the Indian subcontinent and Iran.

This dessert can be served warm or cold like Gulabjamoon. They have a somewhat chewy texture with a crystallized sugary exterior coating.

* All these photographs are taken by Sanjay Khilar.

19 Aug 2019

World Photography Day is an annual, worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science, and history of photography. 19th of August in every year celebrated as World Photography Day. This day is purely dedicated to all the photographers and photo lovers. 

Photography is nothing, just art to capture a moment. One soft click of the camera with or without a flash of light and an unforgettable moment in time captured forever. A photograph is a way to feel that exact moment where we may be present or may not be. Photography Day is to celebrate for that exact moment but in a huge amount. 

On the photography day, almost all the photographers, common people who use to click different photos share their photos with their friends. Some also clicked their best photos for this day. There are some competitions also goes on for this day, so everybody could come together and share their exact moment of feelings.

Some photos have their unique stories, which reflects on different platforms. Some people also write various stories for a photograph and it's the best way to express everything. Hence all we are waiting for this World Photography Day.

Today, we have some beautiful clicks from some of our friends shared on twitter. Let's have a look at those pictures.

From Jagannath Panigrahi


From Lalit Krushna Nayak

From Gopi Kishan Parida



From Ashutosh Meher


From Tapas Ranjan


From Rakesh Sahoo


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