Odisha is Celebrating 2024 Chitalagi Amavasya

Odisha is Celebrating Chitau Amavsya

Chitalagi Amavasya is also known as Chitau Amabasya (Odia: ଚିତଉ ଅମାବାସ୍ୟା) celebrated on Srabana Amavasya (July–August according to the Georgian Calendar). On this day, a special ritual is celebrated at Jagannath Temple, Puri.

2024 Chitau Amabasya date: 4 August 2024, Sunday

The gold and precious stone set Chitas which are removed from the deities on the Snana Purnima (Snana Yatra) night are again adorned on them on this day.

Chitau Pitha for Chitalagi Amavasya

A very special rice cake known as Chitau or Chitou pitha is offered to the deity on this day. This Pitha is also prepared in every Odia family in the coastal districts.

Chitalagi Amavsya or Chitau Pitha

In rural areas, this festival is observed as well in a different form. On this day, the farmers worship the paddy fields. In the morning the farmers go to their paddy fields with pitha or bhoga, flowers, milk, etc, and pray the fields for a good harvest.

Chitau Pitha for Chitalagi Amabasya

In some places of Odisha, people used to feed Chitau Pitha to the snails. Since the farmers use to work barefoot, there is a chance of attack by the snails through their sharp edges, so to make them happy, people observe this Ritual and pray to them.

* All these photos are taken by Manaswini Sahoo and Srinibas Samal.

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