Potol and Macha Jhola - ପୋଟଳ ରୋହି ମାଛ ତରକାରୀ

Potol and Macha Jhola - ପୋଟଳ ରୋହି ମାଛ ତରକାରୀ

Potol and Macha Jhola (Odia: ପୋଟଳ ରୋହି ମାଛ ତରକାରୀ) is an authentic Indian food item especially famous in Odisha prepared from Rohu fish and Pointed Gourd or Potala. It's a mix of vegetable and fish curry.

Masaledaar Rohu fish curry with chunks of fried golden potatoes when served on a bed of white rice is what a true fish lover will always crave on any day.

A very easy fish curry, where first fish is marinated with salt and turmeric then fried on hot oil over high to medium flame. In the leftover oil, add raw pointed guard pieces and stir fry it until it turns golden brown on each side of the pointed guard (potola).

Once it is cooked remove and keep aside. In that same pan add oil 2 tsp then add Chopped onion saute until it becomes brown, then add ginger garlic paste saute once the oil started separating (raw smell goes off well) then fish masala powder, salt (as per taste) with turmeric powder, red chilly powder (optional) add giving it a nice mix.

Allow this to get cooked for 4 to 6 minutes more. Then add stir-fried potola into it and then add some hot water moderately as per the gravy quantity simmer for 8 to 10 minutes on low flame.

Then add fried fish into it and cook for 5 more minutes. Add slit green chilies, lastly garam masala powder. Give it a nice stir and turn off the gas. Serve hot with rice. Enjoy...

Potol and Macha Jhola - ପୋଟଳ ରୋହି ମାଛ ତରକାରୀ

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