26 Apr 2020

Akshaya Trutiya - The Festival for Cultivation

Akshaya Tritiya (Odia: ଅକ୍ଷୟ ତୃତୀୟା) is an annual springtime festival of the Hindus and Jains. In Odisha, this day is celebrated as a festival, where the farmers started the 1st process of cultivation. The first process for cultivation is plowing fields.

According to the Odia calendar, Akshaya Trutiya is celebrated on the 3rd day of Bishakha Shukla Paksha. Bishakha is the 1st month of Odia calendar and Shukla is the Bright Half of moon. Here Trutiya is the 3rd day.

On this day, the farmers wake up early in the morning and after a holy bath, they worship Maa Maha Laxmi, the goddess of wealth in front of their house. At that time, they use to worship the cultivation instruments and after a puja at the paddy field, they plow the fields and start the process of cultivation with some rice grains.

People use to believe that, this day is the holy day and the work won't hurt before a happy and good end. So lots of people use to start a new business, new work on this day. Some people also do the rituals like Marriage, House warming, or Griha Prabesh puja on this day.

In Odisha, most of the people who are capable use to buy gold on this day. People use to buy gold like Dhanterash. On this day, the construction of chariots for the Puri Rath Yatra starts.

  • All these photographs are taken by Rajeev Lochan Nayak and Hemanta Dash.
  • We had taken permission from them before publishing.

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