Beautiful Tribal Houses

Have you visited the "Adibasi Mela" at the IDCOL Exhibition Ground in Unit-III, Bhubaneswar??? Previously we had  share two more blogs about this year's festival by Dr. Kar and Abhipsa Mahapatra. If you hadn't visited this festival and had not seen those blogs, then we would suggest to read those after this.

Here is another blog by Arpita Maheswari Singh who visited this state level exhibition at Bhubaneswar and sent these beautiful photos of Tribal houses, actually these are the Santali Houses. Santali is one category from the tribal community. Now, Wikipedia is also available in Santali Language too. 

So, here they had made these beautiful Santali House and look how beautiful these are looking. Their houses are exactly like this. Yes, every people mayn't prepare these type of houses due to poverty, but you would find such beautiful houses in their places. 

They made these beautiful houses in such a way that, anybody couldn't ignore this house. Look how colorful they made these with small plants too. Actually, people used to plant some trees, some vegetables next to their houses, so, they could look after those and could easily harvest them.

In past, almost all the houses are like these, but not so colorful. They made in such a way that, in summer in these houses people won't feel problems. And we happy to have such beautiful people around us and having such houses, which are really attractive. 

All these photographs are taken by Arpita Maheswari Singh.
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