Bhagabata Janma Puja Snaps (ଭାଗବତ ଜନ୍ମ)

Bhagabata Janma (Odia: ଭାଗବତ ଜନ୍ମ) is celebrated on Indu Purnima. People do Bhagabata Puja on this day. This Bhagabata Janma is based on Sanskrit Bhagavatam written by Byasadev. Jagannatha Das had translated this from Sanskrit to Odia. 

We are celebrating Bhagabata Janma on that day when he started writing Odia Bhagavata. 
Photo: Manaswini Sahoo
Photo: Rajeev Lochan Nayak
Photo: Rajeev Lochan Nayak
Photo: Rajeev Lochan Nayak
Photo: Rajeev Lochan Nayak

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