Sweets from a Marriage

Marriage is known as the best experience in someone's life. According to Indian culture, this thing comes once in someone's life. But sometimes, this thing comes more for some people. But, that thrill won't be there after the first time. So, everything is memorable in the 1st time.

Marriage brings happiness not only to the boy or the girl but also for the family and according to someone, happiness increases by sharing. So the family through a part to the nearest and dearest one. Also, people distribute some special kind of sweets during the marriage ceremony in Odisha. Here we have some of them. 

The 1st snap is shared by DumbOrator and rest of these are shared by Dr. Biswa Ranjan Kar
Things on the 1st snap:
  • Bundia Ladu (ବୁନ୍ଦିଆ ଲଡୁ)
  • Gaja (ଗଜା)
  • Labangi (ଲବଙ୍ଗି)
  • Pheni, (ଫେଣି) etc 

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