Raja Hata

Hata is like an open market where people come to sell and buy daily needs. Previously, there were not many shops, so people gather at a place, where they sell different types of goods. They gather once or twice every week. 

You could find all types of daily needs from clothes to cosmetics and from vegetable to nonveg items. But, now-a-days, we have sufficient shops which open daily and we could buy our needed things as per our time. By getting lots of shops, we haven't forgotten the Hata culture. We are going to the Hata and buying our daily needs weekly.

One of our friend Abhiram Panigrahi shared these photos from Sonpur, Odisha. Here people had come to buy the things for the Raja. Raja, a festival celebrated all over Odisha. This festival is celebrated for 3 days, so people need lots of things for this. So, the last Hata before Raja is referred as Raja Hata.

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