3 Jun 2018

Beauty of Keonjar shared by Sanjay Khilar

The Keonjhar District as known as Kendujhar emerged as one of the District on 1st January 1948. The District is bounded by Mayurbhanj District and Bhadrak District to the east, Jajpur District to the south, Dhenkanal District and Sundargarh District to the west and West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand State to the north.

The district of Keonjhar presents a panorama of millennia, both from the geographical and anthropological point of view. It is as varied as the whole of Odisha with water-falls roaring gorges, mountains, and minerals. The manifold expressions of nature in this district are unique in Odisha.

Sanjay Khilar, a friend from Keonjar had shared some snaps of Beautiful Keonjhar.

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