8 Jun 2018

Beautiful Butterflies

O' Butterfly butterfly,
I want to fly and see the sky.
Take me with you and let me fly.
O' Butterfly butterfly,
Make me colorful like you,
Let me allow to play,
O' Butterfly butterfly.
Nature has given lots of things to us. We must love them and care them. Previously we have some beautiful blogs about nature and those natural beauties which always makes us happy in our day to day life. 

Today, we love to share these beautiful butterflies which are captured by Smruti Subhra. Butterflies love to get attached with flowers and we love to get attached with butterflies. But, now-a-day, the number of butterflies are reducing day by day. Some years before there were lots of butterflies around us, even I saw a lot when I was a child, but there are a few only in that same place. They love the flowers and hence their quantity increases. They are not harmful to our nature, society or to us. We should care about them.

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