4 Feb 2018

Beautiful Sunset Photos

We are living on the most beautiful planet, Earth which has nature. Natural beauties are the best friend which provide us all the happiness and it could change anyone's mood.

Sunshine and sunset scenes are another beautiful colour of this galaxy. Some sunset photos are captured by one of our friend Surajit Mishra at different places of India.

Sunset at Chandrabhaga Beach.
Sunset captured on the way to Chandrabhaga Beach.
Sunset at Dhanushkodi.
Sunset at BibhishanTemple, Tamilnadu.
Sunset captured at Chilika, Odisha.
Sunset at Chilika.
Sunset at Kanyakumari.
Sunset at Kovalam
Sunset at Puri Beach.

* All these photographs are taken by Surajit Mishra.

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