12 Feb 2018

Buddist Site: Santeswari temple, Bhadrak

Santeswari temple is situated not very far from Solapur temple. At first instant I thought it to be a house but when inspected found out to be a temple where Santeswari goddess is worshiped. Which houses many Buddhist images, some of which are broken.

The main goddess is a two armed seated (Tara perhaps) as informed a villager. A young boy of around 12 years was performing the rituals while we visited the place. And he denied to click a pic of the deity.😑 Some pics from outside of d temple.

Some villagers asked us how we know about the place ! And told us about a very familiar story of a king and queen, which were being heard at Ratnagiri and Langudi too. when I told them that theirs is a famous place, they were bewildered to here that.😊

* This blog is written by Supriya Mishra and she captured all these photos.

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