5 Dec 2017

Bata Osha (ବାଟ ଓଷା)

Bata Osha (Odia: ବାଟ ଓଷା) is celebrated in Odisha on the month of Pousha or Pusha, the 9th month of Odia calendar (In the month of December, according to the English Calendar). This festival or Osha is also known as Danda Pahanra Osha (Odia: ଦାଣ୍ଡ ପହଁରା ଓଷା).

In this Osha or festival, God Yamah or Yamraj is the presiding deity. This fast is observed by the mothers on the second lunar day of the dark fortnight of Pousha or Pusha in the honour of Yamah. This festival is popularly celebrated at Odisha.

Bata Osha is all about worshipping Yamahdev, the jolly pot-bellied God in black. Women worship Yamahdev at the junction of four roads by praying for the well-being of their husbands and children. Since the worship takes place on the road which means to Bata (ବାଟ), the name of this festival is Bata-Osha.
According to one legend mostly popular in Odisha, the King and Queen of Koshala empire got a son by doing this Osha. But after that, the queen stopped worshiping Yamraj, so he kidnapped their son and asked his mother to cook the child. But the mother of Yamraj had rescued the price and advised the queen to worship Yamraj, otherwise, he may kill him someday. From that day, people in Odisha doing this Osha.

* All these photographs are taken by Ganeswar Nayak sir and Gaunliya.

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