Godgoda Waterfall

Godgoda or Gudguda (Odia: ଗୋଦ୍‌ଗୋଦାwaterfall is situated at Gajpati district in Odisha. It's near to Gandahati Waterfall, on famous waterfall in Gajapati District. We had there in 23rd March 2016, and sharing some of the pictures from that place.

The waterfall is a beautiful place in the district. It's near to the Ganjam District. It's inside a small jungle. The local people use to roam inside the jungle, they use to feed their cows, collect woods, etc from this jungle.

The Roads

The roads to the Waterfall is really good, it would take less time to reach there. But the problem is you have to book a vehicle from the town or have to take your own vehicle.


Near By Market

There are some nearby markets, but you may not find markets up to 10 kilometers from the Waterfall. So, if you are planning to go, then just take your necessary things with you and you mayn't find more people there. It's calm and quite, and you can enjoy the real beauty of the nature.

Look how beautiful these places are appearing when you goes up towards the waterfall. The journey from the bottom to the top is really a memorable journey through the narrow and side by side roads.

During that time, the road was up to the top, and you have to go around 700 to 800 meters by walk, where you can cook for your crew. And the waterfall is around 1 kilometers away from there.


You may find some butterflies there, which charms up the beauty of that place. We had tried to capture some, due to the camera quality issues, we couldn't capture a good click, but somehow it was really beautiful.

Some local people or tourists may made this with the tree which was cut by the nearest village people.

There is a place, where some Jagnya was organized. Since we couldn't find local people there, we couldn't find any details about this Puja.

People use to worship Lord Shiva or Mahadev here inside a small cave. We couldn't go inside, because we respect the privacy and the actual rituals of Mahadev.

The arrow mark indicates there is a Shiva Linga, named Jotirlingam. But unfortunately we didn't have the courage to go there, because there is no road and we have to go through the sides of the waterfall and I don't know how to swim and with lots of gadgets, it was dangerous.

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