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6 Jun 2018

Summer with Mango Flavor

Summer is the only season when you could get the pure form of mangoes and nobody would miss that chance to enjoy the mangoes. We love every item made from mangoes. Here we have taken some Lunch snaps where people use mango as a side dish.

Here is the 1st snap is taken from Sushree.
The list of items on her plate;
🔘Fish curry
🔘Mashed potato
🔘Spinach fry

Source: Sushree  
The 2nd snap is taken from Nivedita Pattnaik.
Here is the list of items on her plate;
💚Alu Potal kasa
💚Kalama Saga
💚Torani kanji
💚Aamba (Mango)

Source: Nivedita Pattnaik
And the 3rd snap is taken from Jolly Bisoyi.
Here is the list of items on her plate;
❤Fish Dopiaza
❤Cottage Paneer and Parwal Curry
❤Boiled egg

Source: Jolly Bisoyi

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