18 Mar 2019

What is Holi???

Holi is the festival of colors. The festival signifies the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, end of winter, and for many a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair the broken relationships, and is also celebrated as a thanksgiving for a good harvest.

What is Dola Jatra or Dola Melana??

In Odisha, the walking idol of Radhakrushna comes out and goes around the village and finally, the Melana takes place in some field, where a festival arranges. Mainly this festival observed some days before Holi- Rangotsaba or on the previous day of Rangotsaba or on the Rangotsaba.

How People Celebrate Holi??

Some-days before the Rangotsaba, there are many shops opened to sell the colors. Now-a-days the colors sold in these shops are mixed with different chemicals which may have some dangerous impact on the human skin.

 Holi Photographs

A few years ago, I also suffered from this type of chemical infection with these colors. Some of my friends poured those chemical mixed colors over me after that it took 4 to 5 days to be cured. From that day, I stop playing with these chemical based colors and prefer the colors formed from the natural processes.

It's my request to use natural colors. Don't prefer the chemical mixed colors, it may have some bad impact on someones' skin. And one more thing, Don't play or pour these colors with the animals, because they are not able to share their feelings and the bad impacts on them through these colors.

Sangram Keshari Senapati in Holi

  • Especially use the dry colors which may not need more water to be cleaned.
  • Have a Safe and Happy Holi. Stay away from these chemical mixed colors.

6 Feb 2019

Have you visited the "Adibasi Mela" at the IDCOL Exhibition Ground in Unit-III, Bhubaneswar??? Previously we had  share two more blogs about this year's festival by Dr. Kar and Abhipsa Mahapatra. If you hadn't visited this festival and had not seen those blogs, then we would suggest to read those after this.

Here is another blog by Arpita Maheswari Singh who visited this state level exhibition at Bhubaneswar and sent these beautiful photos of Tribal houses, actually these are the Santali Houses. Santali is one category from the tribal community. Now, Wikipedia is also available in Santali Language too. 

So, here they had made these beautiful Santali House and look how beautiful these are looking. Their houses are exactly like this. Yes, every people mayn't prepare these type of houses due to poverty, but you would find such beautiful houses in their places. 

They made these beautiful houses in such a way that, anybody couldn't ignore this house. Look how colorful they made these with small plants too. Actually, people used to plant some trees, some vegetables next to their houses, so, they could look after those and could easily harvest them.

In past, almost all the houses are like these, but not so colorful. They made in such a way that, in summer in these houses people won't feel problems. And we happy to have such beautiful people around us and having such houses, which are really attractive. 

All these photographs are taken by Arpita Maheswari Singh.
  • Follow her on Instagram @arpita_rutu
  • Check out her Instagram posts and give some feedback there and here too.
  • All photography rights are reserved to her, if you wish to use them, then contact her. 

31 Jan 2019

Adibasi Mela (Odia: ଆଦିବାସୀ ମେଳା), one state level exhibition in Odisha. This year started from 26th January and would continue up to 9th February. The Odisha chief minister, Naveen Pattnaik had inaugurated this exhibition at the IDCOL Exhibition Ground in Unit-III, Bhubaneswar. 
One of our friends, Abhipsa Mahapatra had shared some photos of this exhibition. Let's have a look on the photos.

In this blog, you would find their life style and their beautiful handmade houses, the decorations they do on their walls, how they used to live, etc. Yes, we had another separate blog for the Gods they are worshiping and believing. 
  • All photo rights are reserved to the photographer, Abhipsa Mahapatra
  • If you wish to share these photos, then please contact her.
  • And yes follow her on twitter for such lovely photographs @ABHIPSA26 
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30 Jan 2019

When I was a child, there were lots of boxes like this hanging on walls, poles, on trees. But, now-a-days, it's not easy to spot everywhere, just because of speed development of the internet, e-mail, etc. 

But, when I was returning from somewhere, I spotted this hanging on an electric pole. So, I just park my bike on the roadside and clicked this. Yes, previously I had clicked another letterbox in the same size at Bhadrak post office, but that was in green color. 

28 Jan 2019

There is not one world, there are lots of universes too and yes who knows there are some planets like us, where life exists. They might have same beliefs or might be a little bit believe on God like us. People have there own choice to select their God too. 

Yes, we do pray to different Gods according to our beliefs and also by our religion, but the main thing is believing. This "Believing" thing has that one great power, from where almost all got strength. Yes, the power source also varies according to believe.

Here is a series of photographs taken by Dr. Biswa Kar from a Tribal festival, where some idols of their God placed with their significance. 

  • All these photos are taken by Dr. Kar and published here with his permission. If you wish to share these photos, then please contact him as all rights are reserved to him. 
  • Yes, we had posted these just to show and we don't have much knowledge about God or the belief of people, we just had shared our views above. 

27 Jan 2019

Every people* love to eat good foods, that's why we used to go to different restaurants, hotels, trying some new dishes at home or at a hotel. 

But, what interesting is, we* couldn't forget our homemade food items made by our own people.  Because we could prepare this in our own risk in our own taste. 

Here is one homemade food dish made from "Taro" fried with Mustard Masala. This dish is shared by Dr. Biswaranjan Kar from their kitchen prepared by Rashmi Mam.

How to Prepare this???
  • The preparation technique is very easy.

Step- 1:
  • Take raw Taro.

Step- 2:
  • Pill it properly.
  • Cut them like this below. 
  • Also, you could cut them as you wish.

Step- 3:
  • What you are waiting for?
  • Just prepare the Mustard Masala and fry the cutted taro with it.

Still waiting??? No, just finish the fry work and it's hot. Quickly serve it before it would cool down. 
  • Are you going to try this?
  • Have you already tried this?
    • Then put your views, comments or compliments below on the comment box. 

*: Some are fitness freak

26 Jan 2019

Republic day celebration is not a work which we could achieve by forcing someone. This is a work, which could be done by the involvement of everybody. But, during school time, this was a forceful thing for the students, because most of them don't have much idea why we should celebrate this day. Yes, that's the period of life, where we learn lots of things including the emotions towards our motherland. 

Here is a snap from my school taken on 26th January 2019 during the celebration of 70th Republic day.

16 Jan 2019

It's Shamba Dasami (Odia: ଶାମ୍ବ ଦଶମୀ or ସାତଘଡ଼ି) and in this day,  we do worship to Lord Sun and offer him different types of fruits, sweets, dishes and the main thing of this festival is, there is no specific item to be offered. We could choose one or more items for one person and it was chosen on the 1st Samba Dasami of the baby and the only rule is you have to offer that same thing every year till his/her death.

According to Hindu mythology, on this day, Shamba, the son of Lord Krishna cured of leprosy and from that day, mothers used to offer prasad to Lord Sun. You could read more things about this festival from one of our blogs. Just search "Samba Dashami" or "ଶାମ୍ବ ଦଶମୀ" or "ସାତଘଡ଼ି", here in the search box or click here to read. 

Here is the pooja or prasad thali for this year offered to Lord Surjya or Sun on this day. And the plate below is from our neighbors for this festival. 

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