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18 May 2018

Kuanria Dam is located on the outskirts of Daspalla in Nayagarh or Nayagada District of Odisha. It is built across the Kuanria River, which is a tributary of the Mahanadi River. The basic motive of constructing this dam was to help in the irrigation of the farmlands of this region.

The dam is just 7 kilometers away from Daspalla town and situated near to Odasar village in Nayagarh district. It's the largest dam of Nayagarh district. You can find forests with incredibly lush flora and fauna, a very good nature spot with a deer park in this place.

The Dam intercepts a catchment area of 124 km2 across the stream Kuanria and Khalkhala. This project provides irrigation facilities to an ayacut of 3600 ha. in Khariff and 1908 ha. in Rabi.

The maximum height of the dam is 21 m. The construction of the Project commenced in the year 1977. The dam and spillway works were completed in the year 1982 and distribution system by March 1988.

* All these information provided above are taken from a different source on the Internet.
* All these photographs are taken Barabula Odia.

6 May 2018

Tampara lake is the Largest fresh water lake of Odisha. Between this lake and sea a dense forest is there. It’s a pleasant experience to cross Tampra and then trekking through jungle and reach to sea beach. Nice summer afternoon hangout. 

Tips: Go to Chatrapur, cross Beautiful Tampara lake in a boat, walk 2 kilometers through a Cashew nut jungle (be aware of bears and don't forget to leave markings in the route)- a pleasant surprise will be waiting for you - a breathtakingly beautiful virgin beach.

* All these photographs are taken by Dr. Anita Sabat mam and Bishnu Mishra sir. 
* All  these information are taken from Parasar Nayak sir and Tampara Twitter handle.

21 Apr 2018

Panchubarahi Temple (Odia: ମା' ପଞ୍ଚୁବରାହୀ ମନ୍ଦିର) is a temple situated at Satabhaya, Rajnagar in Kendrapada district of Odisha. This temple is resituated at this place, where a new village is created for the Satabhaya village to save them from the sea. The new village is situated 12 kilometers away from the sea.

* All these photos are taken by Sanjay Khilar at Satbhaya, Rajnagar, Kendrapada.

28 Feb 2018

Chilika Lake is a brackish water lagoon, spread over the Puri, Khurda and Ganjam districts of Odisha state on the east coast of India, at the mouth of the Daya River, flowing into the Bay of Bengal, covering an area of over 1,100 km2. It is the largest coastal lagoon in India and the second largest coastal lagoon in the world after the New Caledonian barrier reef in New Caledonia.

It is the largest wintering ground for migratory birds on the Indian sub-continent. The lake is home to a number of threatened species of plants and animals.

The lake is an ecosystem with large fishery resources. It sustains more than 150,000 fisher–folk living in 132 villages on the shore and islands.

The lagoon hosts over 160 species of birds in the peak migratory season. Birds from as far as the Caspian Sea, Lake Baikal, Aral Sea and other remote parts of Russia, Kirghiz steppes of Mongolia, Central and southeast Asia, Ladakh and Himalayas come here. These birds travel great distances; migratory birds probably follow much longer routes than the straight lines, possibly up to 12,000 km, to reach Chilika Lake.

Source: Wikipedia

* All these photographs are takne by Himanshu Shekhar Panda.

12 Feb 2018

Santeswari temple is situated not very far from Solapur temple. At first instant I thought it to be a house but when inspected found out to be a temple where Santeswari goddess is worshiped. Which houses many Buddhist images, some of which are broken.

The main goddess is a two armed seated (Tara perhaps) as informed a villager. A young boy of around 12 years was performing the rituals while we visited the place. And he denied to click a pic of the deity.😑 Some pics from outside of d temple.

Some villagers asked us how we know about the place ! And told us about a very familiar story of a king and queen, which were being heard at Ratnagiri and Langudi too. when I told them that theirs is a famous place, they were bewildered to here that.😊

* This blog is written by Supriya Mishra and she captured all these photos.

11 Feb 2018

Solampur Buddhist Site lost with the passage of time and now coming under the jurisdiction of Bhadrak district of Odisha, flourished during the Bhaumakaras. The neulapur grant of subhakaradeb mention this place as "solanapur mahavihar".

This small village has grown up over the ruins and mounds of an earlier existing Buddhist site, just on the opposite banks of river Baitarani from Jajpur, where one can find a whole lot of Buddhist images scattered all over, main place being the Raghunathjew temple in the middle of the village.

This site had a prolonged life up to 12th CE as evident from Ratnagiri inscription of Somabamsi king Karnadeba. The images from Buddhist pantheon such as Gautam Buddha, Tara, Jambhala, Abalokiteswara are found here, of whom some are worshiped and some are fixed on the niches of the temple.

A beautiful image of Gautam Buddha is found on the right side niche of the temple, which is in Bhumisparsa Mudra with a Mandala depicting eight important stages of his life with the Mahaparinirbana scene just above his head. This mandala cult is so popular in Odishan architecture.

The above image also holds an inscription of four lines on it's base with two lions on each side.

A beautiful image of Tara in standing position holding a lotus in the left hand occupies the side niche of the above image. It also has an inscription on the halo just over the head. Check the minutely carved details, from the hairdo to the facial expression. just amazing.

Some other images found on the niches of the Raghunathjew temple and the main deities of the temple, worshiped by the villagers. No one could tell why the temple is called Raghunathjew, because Sriram is not worshiped here.

* This blog is written by Supriya Mishra and she captured all these photographs.

1 Jan 2018

Parsurameswar Temple (Odia: ପର୍ଶୁରାମେଶ୍ୱର ମନ୍ଦିର), located in the East Indian city of Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, is considered the best-preserved specimen of an early Odishan Hindu temple dated to the Shailodbhava period between the 7th and 8th centuries CE. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva and is one of the oldest existing temples in the state. It is believed to have been built around 650 CE in Nagara style and has all the main features of the pre-10th century Orissan-style temples. The temple is one among the Parashurameshvara group of temples.

One of our friend, Aiswarya Nayak had sent some beautiful photographs from the Parsurameswar Temple.

* All these photographs are captured by Aiswarya Nayak and published here with her permission.

26 Dec 2017

Ramachandi Temple is situated on a beautiful spot on the banks of the Kusabhadra River where it flows into the Bay of Bengal. It is only 5 km away from Konark in the Puri District of Odisha.

Ramachandi Beach is an ideal place to spend qualitative time with friends and family. This beach is considered to be India’s finest beach. It's a unique and beautiful beach for get-togethers and picnics.

Since the beach is nearer to the Ramachandi temple, it is good to spend time there. Attractive visuals are present there. So, people, who come to visit Ramchandi Temple prefer to spend some time on  Beach. There is a wonderful experience of nature too.

One of our friends Seenu Mohapatra had clicked some amazing views of Ramachandi Beach. 

The Ramachandi festival is celebrated in the month of September and October every year. This festival includes a number of water activities like surfing, sailing, and boating. During this festival, people use to come in a huge range to enjoy the sand arts and other activities.

* All these photographs are taken by Seenu Mohapatra.
* The featured image is taken by Debasis sir.

23 Dec 2017

Salandi Dam or Hadagarh Dam (Odia: ହଦଗଡ଼ ଡ୍ୟାମ) is on the Salandi River located at Hadagarh under Anandpur subdivision of Keonjhar District in Odisha. This place is an ideal picnic spot for round the year. The scenic beauty of this place is amazing and attractive. The area is rich in mixed deciduous forests and wildlife which includes tiger, leopard, fishing cat, hyena, elephant, langur, pangolin, a variety of birds and reptiles. The Baula hill range lying on the east and west of Salandi river, the valley occupied by the reservoir and its catchments are the main features.

Though this spot is suitable for picnic in all seasons, but Winter is the best time for picnic. A number of visitors are coming in winter. An Inspection Bungalow of Irrigation Department is there too for the accommodation facilities to the tourist.

* All these photographs are taken by Sangram Keshari Senapati and Himanshu from Keonjhar.

9 Dec 2017

Tikarapada (Odia: ଟିକାରପଡ଼ା), one of the famous wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha. It is 60 km away from the Anugul district headquarters and 200 km from Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha. It is famous for the Gharial Crocodile Sanctuary, which is situated on the bank of River Mahanadi. Wildlife lovers can watch tiger, leopard, elephant, gaur, sambar, spotted deer, mouse deer, nilgai, four-horned antelope and sloth bear. Wild dogs used to be sighted often. Reptiles seen include the Gharial, mugger crocodile, freshwater turtle. Poisonous and non-poisonous snakes can be sighted. The site is popular as a trekking hotspot. Tikarapada is also famous for the Satakoshia George of river Mahanadi, and its lush green forest.

Visitors would get chances to caress the untainted form of nature at Tikarapada. Sometimes thunderous and sometimes calm river Mahanadi renders the opportunity for fish angling or to motor-boat or river rafting across it. 

One of our friend Champakeswar Mahanta had shared these photographs with us. Dhruba Charan Mahant had clicked these photographs at Tikarapada, Anugul.




* All these photographs are taken by Dhruba Charan Mahant at Anugul Tikarapada.
* Champakeswar Mahanta had shared these photographs with us.

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